Visit by students of the University of Navarra

June, 2015

Thanks to this visit we have been able to meet in person the artist Juan Carlos Pikabea, his workshop and his tastes in painting. But above all it has served to remind us of the fact that society today tends to undervalue artistic work, so far removed from the immediacy which surrounds us, and treats it in just the same way as it treats any type of standard consumer product.

With Juan Carlos Pikabea , we realised that it’s up to us to increase our awareness of art and to foster an appreciation in younger generations.

With regard to his own creations, we’ve been able to see his use of intense colours in the majority of his work to express both emotion and happiness.

In turn, we have been able to observe his preference for landscape painting, particularly of nature, with much of his work being of the Navarre region. The artist likes to bring out the strength in the sky and the sea to enhance the beauty of the landscape.

Finally, with this visit we’ve been able to learn more about his artistic career and to see how it has evolved since the early days, in local and national exhibitions through to the present day when his work is present in international events.

Isabel Quíntela and Ane Cid
Visit by students from the University of Navarra’s ISSA School of Management Assistants, in their History of Art module.